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What is Product Liability?

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Bringing a new product to market is tremendous accomplishment, but that effort could result in the very real threat of a product liability issue. No type of product, no matter the function or design, is immune from the risks of a liability claim. This is why it is essential you obtain a solid liability insurance Massachusetts policy.

Mistakes could spring up during any phase of a product’s manufacturing process, even back to an initial design. These flaws may go overlooked in quality control, sometimes taking months before becoming evident. Even minor miscalculations have been known to play a hand in serious injuries leading to major exposure.

Issues with packaging, labeling, even product dimensions could be the epicenter of an injury-related claim. In the past manufacturers have been exposed to claims for issues involving their product instructions. This could include the exclusion of a specific risk warning or incomplete directions for assembly. For instance, if a ceiling fan has a manual that leaves out a step in the installation and the unit falls from its perch, the resulting injuries could cause a lawsuit that costs your business tens of thousands of dollars.

Do you have product liability insurance Massachusetts? Even if you only sell small items or offer your inventory regionally, the liability risk is too great for your business to weather alone.


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