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Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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There is a variety of liability insurance Massachusetts available for businesses. One issue that you may wish to ensure you are covered against is sexual harassment. Employers have a legal responsibility to keep the workplace free of harassment. With all the different personalities in the average workplace, how is this to be done?

Preventing sexual harassment should be part of your policy regarding all employees and members of your management team. This behavior is defined as sexual advances and conduct that is unwelcome in the workplace. Ban actions should include inappropriate jokes as well as physical contact and sexual coercion. When an individual feels threatened or intimidated by sexual comments or sexually based conduct by a fellow employee, this could be the basis for a major lawsuit.

You should create a policy that clearly outlines what behaviors are unacceptable in the workplace. Make sure that you define sexual harassment in terms that your employees understand. Have a ‘no tolerance’ attitude toward any behavior that is discriminatory in nature. Be willing to investigate any charges of sexual harassment that an employee brings to your attention.

When choosing liability insurance Massachusetts, liability coverage for sexual harassment and other employment related claims should be considered. A single lawsuit could not only give your business a bad name, but also leave it in a precarious financial position.


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