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8 Ways to Keep Your Car in Tip Top Shape

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Are you keeping your car in good condition? If so, it might translate into money in your pocket in the future. Cars are a unique product, in that, they can often hold their resale value for many years if kept in good condition.

So what’s “good condition” mean anyways? Depending who you ask, you might get a different response. Regardless of the answer, what you need to know is that you’ve got to keep your car in the best condition possible! Once you’ve had the car for a few years and you are ready to sell, or even if you keep the car until it dies; it’ll last longer or be worth more money for resale.

Here’s 8 ways to keep your car in the best condition possible:

1. Keep a log of all maintenance done to your car.
2. Stay on top of auto recalls.
3. Read the Owner’s Manual provided with your car, and understand the scheduled maintenance required.
4. Don’t wait to get a weird sound or problem repaired. Scheduled maintenance should be just that scheduled in advance and done on-time.
5. Be aware of the tire pressure and tread that’s on your tires. Tires are the livelihood of your car and it’s a good practice to get into to give them a visual check when getting in to drive.
6. Be sure to replace your wiper blades and exterior lights regularly, this will make night driving less challenging.
7. Wash the exterior of your car frequently. Not just for looks – it helps the paint stay nice.
8. Vacuum and maintain the interior of the car.

By following these 8 tips, you can begin to
get your car in the best condition possible. Who knows how that will pay off in
the long run for you, maybe even a high resale value, or maybe by just lasting
you 15 good years! Either way it’s worth the investment.

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