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Protect Your Massachusetts Small Business from Hackers with Cyber Liability Insurance

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Data breaches are an issue that should be top
of mind for all Massachusetts business owners, no matter how big or small your
business is. As companies make changes necessary to keep up with the evolving
world of digital business, new exposures arise. Identity theft is a very
prominent issue right now for everyone. People are on high alert for cases of
identity theft, and rightfully so. What does this have to do with your business?
Aside from stealing your personal identity, these hackers and identity thieves
are infiltrating businesses’ data management online systems, causing your
company’s client information to be compromised.

Hackers are focusing on small and medium-sized
businesses because they don’t have the means to protect themselves like a big
box corporation might. Often larger companies have state of the art systems for
protecting their clients’ data. This won’t always detour hackers, but it makes
it much more difficult to crack the codes and barriers necessary for a data
breach. This is the main reason that hackers have taken an interest in small
and medium-sized businesses. These companies may not have a budget for a state
of the art system, antivirus software, and IT staff working to fend off
hackers. This can make smaller, less sophisticated, companies prime targets for

Reports are surfacing that the majority of
the attacks are on small and medium-sized businesses, mostly because they haven’t
properly protected themselves. According to Consumer Reports, more than 16
million households have fallen victim of identity theft, which has doubled in
the last year (YIKES). More than half of these 16 million households that have
fallen victim to hackers say that they were notified that their personal
information had been compromised by either a company, government agency, or
some other organization they had done business with.

With the shift by small and medium-sized
businesses to digital technologies, this is a concern for a growing number of
Massachusetts small businesses. Just when you think you’re one step ahead of
the cyber criminals, they come up with a new version of a virus or malware to
break through the security measures implemented. So as a business owner, what can
you do to protect yourself?

The Bureau of Consumer Protection Business

offers some guidance for your business. The
National Cyber Security Alliance also offers small
and medium-sized businesses a listing of resources to keep clients personal
data safe in this ever changing cyber world.

Cyber liability insurance for Massachusetts
small businesses is essential in today’s business environment. Ask your
commercial insurance agent about cyber liability coverage for your MA small
business today; you won’t want to be left paying these expenses out of pocket.

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