06 Mar 2019 Attention Spring Breakers! Tips for Taking on College Spring Break

Spring Break 2019 is quickly approaching and as a senior who has had three spring break experiences thus far, I have acquired a few tips for those that may not know the ropes yet:

  1. Choose a SAFE location – Make sure that you are researching the place you will be traveling to. Prior to this trip, you may have never had to do this because your parents were always the ones that handled the details. This is ALL YOU now, so be proud of that and show some initiative. When you propose these ideas to your folks, they will be much more comfortable knowing that you put the time and effort in to ensure your own safety.
  2. Travel with a Group – Since childhood, you’ve always enforced the buddy system. This still holds true, especially when you may be going somewhere you are unfamiliar with. When you get to the resort, hotel, or Airbnb that you’ll be staying in for what could be the most exciting time of your college career, you’re going to want to explore. There are no parents, professors, siblings or anyone else that is going to tell you not to do something, so make sure to know when it is a good idea to take a friend with you.
  3. Book EARLY – One of biggest mistakes that I made related to Spring Break is waiting too long to book my trip. While you may be continuously looking at flights to make sure that prices don’t go up, that is definitely not your only concern. Hotels book up FAST between March and April, and if you’re a freshman or sophomore that is under 21 years old, you will be hard pressed to find a hotel that allows you to register with a whole group of under-21’s. There is always that ONE friend that is hesitant about booking something, and he/she just needs a little push. What I learned is that if three of the four people in your group are ready to book, just do it! Book your tickets and your fourth member will get on board soon enough.
  4. All-Inclusive is the Way to Go – Everyone’s different, but I think I can assume that a typical college spring break takes place in a warm, tropical location sipping fruity cocktails on the beach. That being said, it can be tough to fund a trip like that as a college student that lives off food from the dining hall and a monthly allowance if they’re lucky. What I did, which may not be popular with everyone, is save as much money from those summer internships or waitressing jobs back home and do NOT touch that money until you’re ready to book in January. It was hard telling myself not to order that large pizza or take that $20 uber, but trust me, it is worth it. When you hear “all-inclusive” you might automatically think it’s out of your price range. What you should do at this point is break out those skills you learned in your freshman year computer science class, and start an excel sheet. Make a list of everything that you would be spending money on if you were not in an all-inclusive resort. Make sure you’re accounting for those extra drinks that you know you’re going to buy, and that fancy restaurant your girlfriends convince you will be “worth it”. When everything is added up, you’re going to come very close to what it might cost to stay all-inclusive, with the pressure of not going over a budget. If you want a carefree week away from school, I suggest choosing the resort.
  5. Be Aware of your Surroundings – “Okay MOM” is what you might be thinking right now, but this tip is vital for your safety as a spring breaker. All of those movies that you see where a guy slips something into a girl’s drink, or someone is convinced to go to their new friend’s room at midnight where something unthinkable happens, can all come true if you are careless enough. Be the responsible adult that your parents know you are and refer back to Tip #2, while also making sure to hold yourself accountable for right and wrong.


While you now have a few more things to think about as you embark on your Spring Break, I know you will have the time of your life! Planning can be daunting at times, but this is definitely not the aspect of college that you should be stressing about. Take these tips into consideration, and I hope that your process goes very smoothly. Happy Traveling!


Authored by Riley Alkins



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