21 Sep

Finding The Right Business Owner’s Policy For You

We know business insurance can be confusing, full of jargon, and frankly, a lot to deal with. But whether your business is large or small, being properly insured is imperative. Unfortunately, there are a number of common situations that’ll have you feeling a bit stuck if you’re not insured. Get a load of this: 1 […]

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11 Jan

Is Your LuLaRoe Business Insured?

Butter leggings. Printed Sarahs. Legging-material Carlys. Jacqard Irmas. Lace Joys. Limited-Edition Mimis. Valentine’s Day Capsules. Congratulations! You’ve waited 8+ weeks and finally got your LuLaRoe onboarding call! You’re an official LuLaRoe consultant! But before you schedule your first Facebook Live sale, there is one thing you should know. Everything you’ve invested, everything you’ve planned for and prepared for, before you’ve even sold your first pair of buttery-soft leggings, is NOT insured.

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Massachusetts_Business_Insurance | Franklin MA

3 Sep

Do I Need Massachusetts Business Insurance If I Work From Home?

Each member of the Berry Insurance team has taken the time to answer a question that they’re frequently asked by our clients. This is Team Berry Insurance’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) blogging series – enjoy! Do I need Massachusetts business insurance if I work from home? Do you have a business that you operate out of […]

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13 Apr

What is Product Liability?

Bringing a new product to market is tremendous accomplishment, but that effort could result in the very real threat of a product liability issue. No type of product, no matter the function or design, is immune from the risks of a liability claim. This is why it is essential you obtain a solid liability insurance Massachusetts policy.

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Create an Inventory of Business Property | Massachusetts

22 Feb

Create an Inventory of Business Property for Your Massachusetts Small Business Insurance

As a business owner in the state of Massachusetts it’s likely you don’t need to be reminded of the unusually high number of insurance claims associated with last year’s natural disasters. If last year’s weather-related events impacted your business …

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13 Dec

How Insurance Agencies can Help Small Business Owners

The owners of small businesses often struggle to make decisions. Being paralyzed by indecision can lead to loss of business opportunities but unfortunately that isn’t the type of loss that’s covered by small business insurance! Massachusetts insuran …

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8 Dec

Thinking About Going Into Retail?

Owning a small retail store often appeals to someone who is outgoing and interested in people. Opening a store that sells a product you’re passionate about can mean that you’re surrounded all day by things you love and you get to meet people who sha …

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