01 Dec 2010 5 Steps College Students can take to land a Career in Social Media Marketing

College is supposed to be a time of fun, but are you taking the necessary steps to be successful in your life? All of a sudden it’s time for graduation – how are you going to set yourself apart from all the others and land a career in social media marketing? Well, it’s not always easy, especially when aspiring towards a career in social media marketing. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to social media. Here are a few tips for starting your social media marketing career:

  1. Land_A_Career_In_Social_Media_Marketing | MassachusettsGet an internship while you’re still in school pertaining to social media and marketing! This just can’t be stressed enough. Many companies today are looking for helping navigating social networks in terms of marketing, and you could be the one to provide them with the experience they need. An internship is the only way to demonstrate your business knowledge of using social networks. Remember, even if an internship is unpaid, having the experience for your resume is well worth it.
  2. Have a personal Twitter account. You might be wondering, “why will having a personal account will help me land my dream job”? Businesses want to know you have experience and know how to use the features of the tool. Understanding the fundamentals is half the battle. Are you familiar with Hashtags, Followers, and Lists on Twitter? You should be!
  3. Marketing changes day by day, so be sure to stay relevant and up-to-date. There are many free websites that can be used to stay relevant on social media and marketing. Mashable and Social Media Examiner are some great examples.
  4. Always keep it professional! The internet can be great for interaction and knowledge, but can also backfire if not used properly. Just as marketing professionals want to see your social presence, they also want to see what you are writing. We’re all human, but be aware that anything written on the internet has the potential to be seen by anyone and everyone!
  5. Know what is being said about you online. What does this mean? Well, when someone types your name into Google, what will they find? This should certainly not be a question that you shrug your shoulders at! Many times Google is the first place that potential employers or business contacts will search for your personal information.


The above tips are simple steps you can take to improve your chances of landing a career in social media marketing. Social media is taking off. Are you staying on top of the wave?

*Authored by Amanda Spittell.

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