08 Aug 2017 Creating Marketing Videos for your Small Business: Best Practices

Online video is the most popular trend right now when it comes to marketing. And rightfully so, YouTube reports that’s there are 1 billion, yes with a “B”, hours of online video views per day. If you’re not creating videos for your business then you’re, unfortunately, falling behind. But don’t worry! We’ve got some best practices to creating marketing videos for your small business! We’ll get you up and recording in no time!

What equipment do I need?

When many videographers get asked this question, they all have similar answers: the best camera is the one you have. Cameras can range from a cellphone to a $50,000+ Cinema camera, but it’s not about how expensive or inexpensive your equipment is. What really matters is the content you’re producing. So if all you have is your Android or iPhone – use it!

What should be the content of my video?

Remember, CONTENT IS KING. Make videos about anything – videos about your business, your employees, customers, community service, create tips on something you can relate to in your industry, or anything you can think of. Whatever it is you decide to make a video about, be sure to try and touch on relevant topics.

Should I only post to YouTube?

NO! While YouTube is a huge platform that comes to everyone’s mind when thinking about online video, it’s not the only one out there. While content is king, DISTRIBUTION IS QUEEN. Take advantage of as many websites as you can such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Create for those specific platforms. While YouTube has similar standards of TV (16:9 ratio), Instagram can utilize vertical videos, and square video works best on Facebook. So before you post the same video on all these different sites, do a little research to find out what works best. And don’t forget, when sharing videos to social media, its typically better to upload directly to those sites, rather than just share your YouTube link.

How do I edit a video?

Editing videos is a whole other topic that can be very complicated or be very simple. There are many different video editing programs, professionals use programs such as Adobe Premiere, AVID or Final Cut Pro X, then there are free programs like iMovie, Windows Movie Maker and even simple programs that can be found on mobile app stores. The best way to learn how to use the program of your choosing is by practicing and finding tutorials on YouTube. We have used a variety of programs, but one we love and is pretty inexpensive and easy to use is called Animoto.

Hire Someone

If you don’t have time to constantly be creating videos, you can always hire a professional to do them for you. As the video market grows, more and more people are learning how to edit videos and then offering their services to people who need help. We have help from our intern, Brian Nelson, who recently started his own video production company.

Don’t Be Afraid

This is our #1 tip. So many businesses are overwhelmed with the idea of video and fear actually being on camera. Video is a great way to get your personality out in front of your audience. Remember, people buy from people. People that they know, like and trust. If you can demonstrate that with a simple video, you’ve won the video marketing game!

We wish you the best of luck! But if you are still struggling with where to start, give us a call. We have a program called Partners of Berry Insurance where we help you navigate online marketing for your business and even create a video on your behalf to get you started! Call today and ask for Kaitlyn – (508) 440-2290!

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