11 Jan 2017 Is Your LuLaRoe Business Insured?

LulaRoe Butter leggings. Printed Sarahs. Legging-material Carlys. Jacqard Irmas. Lace Joys. Limited-Edition LuLaRoe Mimis. Valentine’s Day Capsules.

Congratulations! You’ve waited 8+ weeks and finally got your LuLaRoe onboarding call! You’re an official LuLaRoe consultant!

This is a day you’ve been waiting impatiently for. Over the last several weeks you invested a significant amount of money to get your first batch of inventory. You’ve also been purchasing clothing racks and inventory storage solutions. Boxes and boxes of hangers and shipping envelopes. A camera, backdrop and lighting for those perfect inventory pictures. Business cards and sizing tags. You’ve set up your Stamps.com account and perhaps opened separate banking accounts for your new venture. You’ve even set up a Facebook group, invited all your friends and family in anticipation of your launch date, and started scheduling pop-ups.

Oh, and let’s not forget, the daily stalking of the UPS delivery man…..

This is a very exciting time for you!

Your initial wholesale investment in inventory was likely anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the package you chose, plus any add-ons. Add in 8 weeks of business-starting expenses, and you are probably looking at a total of $7,500-$20,000 initial investment. This is the real-deal. You’ve gone all in.

But guess what?

Everything you’ve invested, everything you’ve planned for and prepared for, before you’ve even sold your first pair of buttery-soft leggings, is NOT insured.

Maybe you live in an apartment or condo, or own your own home, and you’ve got insurance in place. But your home insurance policy is not set up to cover your new LuLaRoe business venture.

Humor me for a minute….

Your new puppy loves the “butter” leggings as much as we do. So much so that she uses them as her newest chew toy. The toast you ignored while rushing to print your shipping labels catches fire and causes damage to your kitchen….and the adjacent room which was used for storage of your inventory. You’re on your way to your first pop-up and the car behind you hits black ice, rear-ends you and damages all the inventory in your trunk. Or worse, you host a pop-up in your home and someone slips and falls walking up your driveway.

I know, I know. It’s a lot to take in. But these are all very real accidents that could happen and could destroy your business. You’ve spent too much time launching your business to let a moment in time take it away from you.

Protect your LuLaRoe business today by calling our Entrepreneurial Division. We’ll help you obtain the proper business insurance coverages to secure your investment; giving you the peace of mind to #Roe in the New Year with an amazingly successful new business!



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