08 Mar 2011 Massachusetts Homeowners: Is Flood Insurance Necessary?

Flooding is a very serious issue for homeowners, mainly because of the extent of damage caused by water.   Understanding the repercussions of flooding and the potential damage it can cause, allows homeowners to plan accordingly for these disasters, as well as make better decisions following the damage.  Flood insurance is offered nationwide by agents, this is the ONLY insurance policy that can help with the financial burdens caused by a flood.  Flooding is excluded in all other policies.

So your home has been hit by flooding, now what?  Hopefully you have flood insurance to cover the financial loss, either way; a few things should be known by all homeowners.  Water causes structural damage to houses, so depending upon the severity of flooding; a professional should be consulted before entering the damaged property.  After the property is deemed to be safe, next thoughts are about the ‘stuff’ inside.  Throw away any foods that have come in contact with flood waters, many other items besides food may also need to be discarded.

Is the property covered by a flood insurance policy?  If so, it’s important that pictures are taken of the damaged property before any clean-up is done.  This is important because when filing a claim, the company will require proof of the damage.  Pictures are great, but a list highlighting lost and damaged items should be kept.   This list should include the age and value of items to make things clearer for the insurance company when reimbursement time comes.

Reality is that not everyone thinks ahead and invests in flood insurance.  This leaves homeowners left to clean-up the property themselves and make the best of what is left.  Clean-up is often difficult because after the interior of a home has been flooded, mold quickly begins to grow, leading to greater problems for the homeowner.  Mold is very difficult to clean, and usually requires professional services to avoid further complications.

Complete drying of any flooded property should take place as soon as possible.  Often dehumidifiers are used for this job; air conditioners can help the process along until a dehumidifier can be located.  As the drying out process progresses further, it will become more obvious as to the permanent damage that has been caused.  With or without flood insurance, the flooding of your home will likely be a nightmare, at least with the policy you’ll be financially reimbursed for the loss to bring the property back to life.  For further information visit FloodSmart.gov.
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