05 Apr 2013 Melting Snow & Spring Flooding

The last of the snow is quickly fading away and spring is finally here. This is a wonderful time of year but comes along with some drawbacks. With the melting of snow comes water and flooding.

Typically flooding is thought of in the sense of tons of rain falling, but that’s not always necessarily true. Flooding that affects your home or business can come about from a variety of different sources. The melting of snow is one of these sources. Unfortunately the damage caused by flooding from the melting of snow will not be covered under your homeowners insurance or business insurance policy.

Flooding is seldom covered within your home or business property insurance. This type of damage is covered within a separate Massachusetts flood insurance policy which has a thirty day waiting period to take effect. This is the way that all flood insurance policies work, so take action sooner rather than later in order to be sure that you’ll be protected.

Protecting your property from the risk of flooding is important for everyone. Many times it’s assumed that being geographically positioned near the water makes the risk of flooding more significant. This can be true, but is not always the case. Flooding can occur to any property no matter where it’s located. Protect your home or business with MA flood insurance – the premium is relatively inexpensive when compared
with the cost of possible damages.

March 18th through the 22nd was Flood Safety Awareness Week – check out our Facebook album for some flood facts.

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*Authored by Amanda Spittell

For more information about flood insurance, or to get some answers about your current insurance situation, please visit our virtual insurance agency at berryinsurance.com, stop by our office in Franklin, Massachusetts or give us a call at (800) 941-3317.

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