20 Jan 2012 On a Budget? Try Term Life Insurance in Massachusetts!

Do you wonder how your family would cope financially if something were to happen to you? Consider life insurance! Massachusetts residents may find themselves torn between doing the best they can to provide for their families in the future, and finding life insurance that they can afford right now.


 A term life insurance policy might be the solution if you are looking for life insurance coverage with low premiums. This type of policy is for a specific amount of time, or a term. The alternative is a permanent life insurance policy; premiums for this type of life insurance tend to be higher than those for term life insurance but the policy does have the advantage of having a cash component that can be borrowed to fund planned expenses or emergencies.


But how much coverage do you need? A figure of five times your annual salary is the minimum coverage some financial advisers recommend. However you may need higher coverage if you want to provide for paying off your mortgage or funding your children’s college educations.


It’s important to research the market and be clear about the options available to you before you make an investment in life insurance. Have you considered discussing your needs with one of our insurance professionals? Life insurance can be confusing, and an insurance professional can help you to find the perfect policy to provide for your family’s future. We can also help with other insurance needs. In addition to life insurance, Massachusetts auto insurance and home insurance, we can help with business insurance products for businesses of all types and sizes! Give us a call today!

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