17 Nov 2011 Opening a Beauty Salon?

Are you about to open a new beauty salon in Massachusetts? You’re probably excited about creating a stunning décor in your salon and hiring the most talented stylists you can find, but spare a thought for something a little more mundane: the small business insurance that Massachusetts beauty salons need. Two of the most important insurance products that the owner of a beauty salon should consider are business owners’ insurance and professional indemnity insurance.
Most beauty salons rely heavily on the location and attractiveness of the business premises to attract those valuable repeat customers. A business owners’ policy helps protect the physical assets of your beauty salon including the building you own, rent or lease and the equipment you use in your business. The policy offers protection from loss of income if your beauty salon is damaged; if there was a fire in your salon and you had to move into temporary accommodation while your salon was being repaired or rebuilt, the disturbance could significantly reduce your business income and involve additional expenditure.  

Owners of beauty salons need professional liability insurance coverage as protection if the business owner or an employee makes a mistake in providing services to a customer, such as an unsatisfactory haircut or a wrong color.  

By purchasing small business insurance in Massachusetts, beauty salon operators protect themselves and their businesses from the financial consequences of disasters, accidents and mishaps. This protection leaves you free to do what you love to do: make people beautiful!



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