29 Nov 2017 Puppy Proofing: Tips for a Safe Home

Getting a new furry friend for the holidays? Here are some important puppy proofing tips for a safe home to ensure that the new addition to your family is safe and welcome in your home.

In the kitchen…

  • Keep trash bins stored and closed
  • Be sure to close doors, especially while training the puppy – it is important to not give them full range of the house
  • Use baby gates to close off stairways and doorways
  • Make sure to fully shut cabinets and food pantry doors, especially if there is food involved.
    • Remember: there are many foods that are dangerous for dogs

In the bathroom…

  • Be sure to have a closed trash bin as many items disposed of in the bathroom can be hazardous to your puppy
  • Keep the toilet lid down or the bathroom door closed at all times
  • Make sure that the cabinets in the bathroom are always shut, cleaning products are also extremely dangerous to pups
  • Keep laundry hampers closed and up on a high surface if there is no lid – puppies are curious and they will dig through the laundry

In the bedroom…

  • Keep items off the floor, especially shoes, socks and other clothing items. To a puppy different items left on the ground seem like fair game and new play toys!

In living areas…

  • Keep decorative items out of your puppy’s reach, including plants!
  • Secure any cords and wires, these items can be fatal if chewed or swallowed

In the yard and garage…

  • Keep supplies up high or behind a locked and closed door, especially if there are poisons and chemicals; it is important to store them in an area that your pup cannot reach.
  • There are many items in the yard, plants, grass and more that if the pup eats can cause reactions and make them sick so be sure to watch closely when you let your pup outside


Follow these tips to increase the safety of your home for your four legged friend and to have an ease of mind for yourself. These simple puppy proofing tips for a safe home will keep your puppy out of trouble and make you aware of what can be harmful for them.

(And don’t forget to call your Massachusetts homeowners insurance agent so they can make sure your insurance policy is puppy-proofed as well!)

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