20 Mar 2019 Best Ways to Rid Your Car of Germs, Pet Hair, and Clutter

A cluttered car can make for a distracted driver, so we want to help you stay organized in your vehicle! With kids, pets, and friends in your car, it may be difficult to maintain a clutter-free environment, but there are many benefits to keeping a clean car.

Getting a car wash can help keep the outside of your car clean and protected from the elements, but the inside needs just as much attention to ensure your maximum safety and enjoyment. Parents and family have always said that to keep a clean room in turn keeps a clear mind, so why should that stop when it comes to your vehicle? It shouldn’t! So here are a few tips to keep your car clean:


Steering wheels have more germs than a public toilet. YUCK! Between the children climbing over you to get in the car and the coughing fits

you might have on the road, those germs are sure to build up. To combat this health hazard, you can keep a package of baby wipes or sanitary wipes in your glove compartment for a quick, effective clean. This could help you get through your year without a cold or bug!


If you ever drive your pet to the veterinarian or the dog park, you may see the littering of dog hair throughout the car. If you want to keep your car smelling and looking nice, try using a pair of rubber gloves and lightly spraying the seats with water. After rubbing the gloves over the seats, you will notice a huge improvement! We don’t need any dog fur floating around. 


There are hundreds of ways that you can organize your car. It is common to take that gum wrapper or those extra napkins from the drive-through and toss them in the center console because you might use them later. Instead of building that clutter and sifting through it to find what you need, create a system for yourself. One compact way to organize by category is to use a makeup bag. This multi-use item will separate your napkins from your sticks of gum and hair bands, and will make them much easier to find.

A second way that you can address this issue is to have seat-back organizers. These make the process of organizing extremely easy, and provide the same accessibility for you. You will no longer have toys strewn on the floor or empty cups and bottles between the seats.



While we are talking about safe driving, make sure you are covering all of your bases. Massachusetts Auto Insurance provides coverage for injuries to others or your passengers in the event of an unforeseen car accident, injuries caused by an uninsured driver and damage you may cause to another person’s property with your car.

Make 2019 the year of growth and safety by testing out some car organization techniques, and share your favorite organization tips with us below!


Authored by Riley Alkins




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