08 Jan 2018 How To Save Money on Auto Insurance

You just bought a new car and that was expensive enough, there’s no need to pay more than you should for insurance! Auto insurance is a requirement in Massachusetts to keep your car registered. Although it is an extra cost you may not want to pay, the reality of it is that without insurance, accidents will cost you even more.

In order to make the process of retaining Massachusetts auto insurance a bit more positive, we’re here with some tips on how to save money on auto insurance!

  1. Bundle your policies

Many companies offer discounts when you bundle policies, like your homeowners/renters and auto. The discount for multiple policies can be pretty substantial, so ask your agent which carriers bundle in order to stock up and save! (Insider Tip: If you have a business, some insurance companies will give the discount if you have your business and personal policies with the same company!)

  1. Have a clean driving history

Being a safe, responsible driver will give you the biggest savings on your insurance.

  1. Increase your deductible

Choosing a higher deductible will lower your premium costs – as long as you are comfortable with carrying a higher one.

  1. Take advantage of multi-car discounts

Many insurance companies will offer a discount if you have more than one vehicle insured. Obviously you aren’t going to buy a second car just for a discount. But you’re on the right track. Are you engaged? You may be able to take advantage of the discount with your fiancé’s car, or your significant other’s, or your child’s (if they still live at home). Many insurance companies will apply a multi-car discount, even if the vehicles are insured under separate policies, as long as they are with the same insurance company. Or perhaps you have a motorcycle. Or a vehicle registered in a business name. If they are both with the same insurance company, you may be able to take advantage of the multi-car discount.

  1. Low mileage discounts

Need auto insurance but don’t drive all that much? Ask your agent about low mileage discounts for people who drive less than the average amount of miles per year.

  1. Student discounts

If you are a student or have one on your policy, be sure grades are kept up! Good student discounts are often offered by insurance companies.

  1. Review your optional coverages

There are many different coverages that are optional. If your vehicle is old and not worth too much anymore, consider removing collision coverage. If you have another vehicle on hand while your primary one is being fixed, remove substitute transportation. If you have AAA, remove towing. There are many small things you can do to eliminate costs!

We hope you can apply these tips on how to save money on auto insurance and end up saving yourself a bit of cash! As you can see, there are many factors that go into auto insurance. So be sure to call an agent at Berry Insurance today to discuss your Massachusetts auto insurance policy today!

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