27 Nov Save on Utilities this Winter

If you’re like us, your utility bills are probably at their highest during the cold months of winter, and we don’t blame you! We like to be cozy and warm as much as the next guy, and sometimes cranking the heater seems like the only way. The unfortunate reality, however, is that blasting the heat is bound to reflect in the cost of your utility bills. And with cold weather fast approaching, these high bills are approaching just as quickly. This year, however, we thought we’d give a few tips on how to lessen utility bills this winter without freezing our butts off.

Keep the Cold Out and the Heat In

The first step to combatting a high utility bill is to ensure that your heater doesn’t work any harder than it has to. This means ensuring that the heat it creates can’t escape and that the cold air from outside isn’t seeping in and countering all the work it’s done.

Do a once over and check your home for any gaps or cracks that could be letting in cold air from outside. Any cracks you discover can usually be caulked to keep the warm air in. Similarly, installing weather stripping around windows and doors can help insulate your home and keep cold air out.

If you have an attic or crawl space above your home, you should also make sure that this is properly insulated. Because heat rises, it can often escape through areas like such. Consider insulating the attic entrance with anything from blankets, to plastic wrap, to pieces of actual insulation (found easily at Home Depot or a local home and hardware store).

Another place heat often escapes from is the fire place. If you have one, keep this in mind! Don’t be afraid to use your fireplace as a source of heat, but when you’re not using it, make sure it’s properly sealed. This way, warm air won’t be escaping out your chimney.

Heat Smartly

Don’t be careless about your home heating. Lots of money is wasted on heating the home unnecessarily, so be aware of when your heater actually needs to be on and when it doesn’t.

Consider leaving your thermostat on a slightly lower temperature and opting to bundle up. Instead of leaving your heat on high and hanging out in a t-shirt in a November, consider dropping the temperature a few degrees and throwing on a sweater. We’re not saying your home has to be an ice box at all times, but it’s very possible you’ve been heating your home a bit more intensely than necessary.

Like we mentioned above, a fireplace can also be a great money saving option, especially if you’re supplying your own firewood. If you have one, think about shutting the heat off entirely for an evening or two and spending time chilling by the fire.

Something we often don’t think about is that there’s much of our homes that don’t actually need to be heated. A lot of money can be saved by heating strategically. Heat only the rooms you actually spend time in; if you have guest rooms, offices, sewing rooms, and so forth, that are seldom used, don’t heat them! You can close the vents in these rooms and pay for that much less energy!

Remember that even small changes can make a big difference. You may not notice significant changes in your bill immediately, but over time, small savings add up to big ones! Your home and your wallets deserve some love this winter. If you’re interested in saving a bit more on home costs, give us a call at 508-528-5200 and we can go over your Massachusetts homeowners insurance; we’ll ensure you’re paying as low a price as possible!


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