The Best Reasons You Need to Shop Small Business Saturday

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21 Nov The Best Reasons You Need to Shop Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Let’s say this year you want to sleep
in instead of lining up in the early hours of the morning on Black Friday. Or you want to get
something a little different for gifts this year. Here are a few reasons why you should shop small
on Small Business Saturday.

Avoid Crazy Black Friday Shopping

We all know Black Friday is a hectic day filled with a ton of discounts and even more shoppers.
And we also know these shoppers are willing to do anything they can to get those deals first.
While the deals are some of the best of the year, the long lines and jam-packed stores may not be
very appealing to you. A lot of these great deals are only while supplies last in stores. So, many
people line up early in the morning waiting for stores to open and then don’t have anything to
show for it. Small businesses can have a lot of the same great deals and you won’t have to battle
other customers to get what you want.

Small Businesses Give Back to the Community

Shopping small benefits your community in more ways than you think. One reason being is that
business have to pay sales tax, and by supporting a local business, those taxes get recirculated
into the town or city that the business is located. And that tax money is used to support schools,
parks, roads, libraries and public services.
And on top of all the tax benefits your town or city will gain, small businesses may become the
community hangout spots, like a coffee shop that plays live music on Saturday mornings, or the
local sub shop that sponsors little league sports. Small businesses do more than write a check to a
cause, they create meaningful relationships with the neighborhood.

You’ll Help Create Local Jobs

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses employ about half of all
private-sector employees. That means that shopping small allows for these businesses to keep
their doors open and their workers employed.
Now that you know some of the great benefits that shopping small has on your community, you
can forget about those long lines and early mornings on Black Friday. And if you happen to be
shopping for insurance, be sure to check out Berry Insurance for all your personal and
commercial needs.

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