19 Nov 2014 Social Media and Your Small Business

Introduction to Social Media for Small Business – To say that social media is a growing trend for business would be an understatement. At this point, your company is dangerously close to being behind the times if you are not yet involved in social media. Why has social media become so important for business?

  • Word of mouth knows no barriers with social networks—the possibilities for spreading content or ideas are endless.
  • Social media creates influence and scale in a way traditional media simply cannot, for a fraction of the cost. Social media is a critical marketing tool for small businesses with a limited marketing budget.Social_Media | Massachusetts


Strengthen and Protect Your Brand – Most likely, people are already talking about your company on social media. If you’re not involved or listening, you’re running the following risks:

  • Missed opportunities to highlight and take advantage of positive comments.
  • Missing negative feedback that could help your company improve, and hurting your reputation by essentially “ignoring” negative comments out there. Responding to any negative comments or reviews can make a negative experience positive.
  • Missing opportunities to connect with customers or prospects.


Marketing has changed. It is no longer about pushing information to the masses; instead, it is about conversation. People want to participate, have a voice and make their opinion heard. To market effectively today, two-way communication through social media should be a part of your marketing strategy.

People have always shared positive and negative business interactions with friends and family. The difference with social media is reach. A story that might have reached a dozen people 20 years ago now could reach thousands or even millions, in minutes. Use this to your advantage! Social media is a great way to draw attention to your competitive advantages and encourage customers to talk about why they love your brand.

Monitor Your Competition – Your competitors, or at least some of them, are likely on social media. If you’re not, you’re missing a crucial opportunity to see what they’re up to. Though companies can choose what is public in their social profiles, you can still learn a lot from keeping an eye on your competitor’s online presence.

Also, consider this: if your competition is on social media but you’re not, they are reaching a market/audience that you are not. Struggling to make social media marketing happen for your business? Become a Partner of Berry Insurance! Becoming a Partner doesn’t cost anything and we can help with your social media efforts.

*Authored by Amanda Spittell

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