25 Mar

Are you REALLY taking advantage of all the Massachusetts Insurance discounts you deserve?

Come April 1st, Massachusetts residents will enter our 3rd year of “managed competition” for personal auto insurance. With all the changes that have happened since that infamous day in 2008, it’s easy to get confused with all the policy options that insurance companies are now offering. Competition in the marketplace brought consumers more choice – for insurance companies and for policy coverages. And hopefully, you were also lucky enough to take advantage of some discounts and savings.

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13 Mar

As The World Evolves, So Does The Role Of The Parent

The Internet is everywhere, and social media is spreading like wildfire! To a kid, these social media sites are a freedom of expression. But, do you know what your kids are posting online? How “freely” are they expressing themselves? Could they be involved in the wave of cyber-bullying and other online transgressions that have plagued society lately?

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12 Jan

A New Year’s Resolution That Works for You: Review Your Insurance Policies

Have you decided on your New Year’s resolution yet? Did you know that countless scientific studies have proven that most people break their New Year’s resolutions by February 17th? That gives you only a few weeks to work on your resolution!

At Berry Insurance, we’ve got a better idea. How about making a New Year’s resolution that works for you? Our suggestion – resolve to review your insurance policies!

Each year things change in your life, whether expected or unexpected, that requires you to reevaluate your finances. For example, a leaking roof may force you to adjust your budget to pay for the repairs or even purchase a new roof. What you may not realize is that these small life changes not only affect your finances, but also your insurance coverage.

An annual review of your insurance with your account manager can prove to not only help protect you better for all those life changes, but also save you money! At Berry Insurance, we help our Franklin, Quincy, Waltham and New England clients to ensure they have the best financial protection available, no matter what their situation. We’ll take the time to review all your policies (even if they aren’t all with our office) to make sure you are maximizing your protection and your dollar!

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16 Dec

Massachusetts Residents: You Can’t Afford to Not Read This

Is the economy putting a strain on your holiday shopping budget?

Are you finding you’ve had to tighten your belt a bit this year?

We’ve got a solution for you! Give us a call at (800) 941-3317 to combine all your insurance needs with our office.

Check out the savings we’ve recently provided to our clients:

Franklin, MA resident previously insured auto and home with another agency. While reviewing her account, we were able to provide significant savings on the auto policy by applying for a AAA discount, Good Student discount, and Account Credit. Total savings to our NEW client on the auto policy alone – $1,546!!!!
Pawtucket, RI resident previously insured only his home with our office. While reviewing his account, we increased his homeowner’s coverages by over 30% and quoted his vehicle (which he had insured through Merchants). Total savings to our client – $1,074!!!!
Braintree, MA resident previously insured his home and auto with MetLife Auto & Home. While reviewing his account, we quoted his homeowners coverage (and increased his protection) and quoted his vehicle. Total savings to our NEW client – $222!!!!

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4 Dec

Winterizing Your Home and Auto

While we’ve been experiencing unusually warmer winter days thus far, Old Man Winter is undoubtedly preparing to hit the Northeast. And hard! The 2010 Farmers’ Almanac is predicting yet another frigid winter where we are expected to see “more days of shivery conditions: a winter during which temperatures will average below normal for about three-quarters of the nation.” (www.farmersalmanac.com).

What does that mean for all of us residents in New England? Well aside from shoveling and scraping all that snow and ice (the Alamanc is reporting a major snowfall in mid-February; possibly even blizzard conditions for New England); we also need to prepare our homes and autos for the wintery blast that is sure to creep up on us soon!

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23 Sep

Reduce Your Exposure to Wildfires

The major wildfires in Southern California in August and September have burned over 150,000 acres, destroyed dozens of homes, and caused residents to flee from over 10,000 homes. Indeed, wildfires are one of the most destructive natural forces known to mankind. While sometimes caused by lightning, nine out of ten wildfires are human-caused. A wildfire can be defined as any unwanted and unplanned fire burning in forest, shrub, or grass. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, there were over 80,000 wildfires in the United States in 2008. These fires burned an estimated 5.2 million acres.

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1 Sep

Five Common Homeowners Insurance Mistakes

Our experience shows that the typical homeowner, in the absence of professional advice, is inclined to make certain mistakes when purchasing property insurance for a residence.

Their dwelling limit is inadequate if the home must be rebuilt following a covered loss.
The policy lacks replacement cost coverage.
The liability limits are too low for today’s litigious society.

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