08 Feb 2010 Texting While Driving: Law Amendments

New Massachusetts laws regarding cell phone usage while driving are currently being reviewed by the state Senate after being passed February 4, 2010 by the House of Representatives.  While many other states have already passed laws of this nature, currently Massachusetts only bans cell phone use when pertaining to school bus drivers.

New laws if passed would make Massachusetts the seventh state to require hands-free devices to be used while driving, which includes both cell phone calls and sending text messages.  This law would ban cell phone use in general by drivers before the age of 18, and also would require drivers over the age of 75 to renew their license in person every 5 years which will include a vision test.

Penalties enforced include $100 for the first offense, $250 for the second offense, and if caught a third time, penalties increases to $500.   Hands free devices will vary in price according to the cell phone carrier, but is worth the investment for personal safety.  Most cell phone service providers have various versions of hands free devices – some of the major retailers include Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Please visit these websites for more information and pricing details regarding these hands free devices.

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