29 Mar 2012 The Massachusetts Lemon Laws

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a vested interest in protecting its consumers. The Lemon Law in Massachusetts is just one example of how the state protects its residents and consumers. This law specifically protects consumers who are purchasing a vehicle.

Whether the automobile is purchased from a dealership or a private seller isn’t so much important. The stipulations include paying more than $700 and having mileage below 125,000. Any defects to the vehicle must involve impairment of use or safety in order to be covered within the law. Motorcycles, mopeds, mobile homes and vehicles used for business use are excluded from this law.

Massachusetts Lemon Laws:

New & Leased Car Lemon Law

Used Vehicle Warranty Law

Lemon Aid Law

Think you might have a lemon on your hands that you aren’t able to turn into lemonade? If you are in the New England area, a claim can be reported via the Better Business Bureau of Eastern Massachusetts. The Better Business Bureau works closely with other state agencies to make things right for consumers in Massachusetts.

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