13 Nov Time to Winterize Your Home

Winter weather is well on its way. Preparing for cold temperatures can look a few different ways. Maybe it means boxing away the swimsuits and sunglasses and pulling out the warm winter sweaters. Maybe it means changing your Dunkin’ order from iced to hot. For us, it means doing a bit of home maintenance and getting ready for all the snow and ice that is to come.

A lot of winter preparedness means making sure that both you and the structure of your home are going to be safe during cold weather. This means keeping cold air out and warm air in, keeping things that shouldn’t be freezing from doing just that, and ensuring we have peace of mind through any winter storm. This is New England, after all, and there’s no doubt we’ll be experiencing plenty of ice and snow this winter. We’ve gathered a few different steps it’ll be important to take to get our homes ready for the winter, and we’d love to share them with you!

  1. Protect Your Pipes: take the necessary steps to ensure you won’t have to deal with frozen or burst pipes this winter. Check your home for any areas that pipes are exposed and wrap them in insulation. When leaving your home, you may feel inclined to shut off the heat, but we’d caution you against this. Certainly, you can turn it down, but not too far! If your house gets too cold while you’re gone, you could be putting your pipes in danger.
  2. Break out the Weather Stripping: this is a great option to help in keeping cold air out of your home. It’s readily available at hardware stores and can be installed on all of your windows and doors to seal in the warm air.
  3. Keep Gutter Clear: it’s important to clean out your gutters before the weather really gets bad. If they’re clogged with wet leaves and other debris, water and melting snow won’t be able to drain properly from your roof.
  4. Invest in a Roof Rake: when it does snow, you’ll want a safe way to ensure that heavy, packed-down snow doesn’t linger and damage your roof. A roof rake will allow you to scrape snow from your roof without actually having to climb up there (which can be pretty dangerous, especially when it’s wet and icy). If you buy a roof rake now, you’ll have it at the ready when you need it.
  5. Cut Back Branches: give your yard a quick survey for dead branches. These will be easily brought down by heavy snow and could potentially damage your house and litter your yard. Cut them down now, before the bad weather gets here, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.
  6. Stock up: take a quick trip to the grocery store and stock up on long-lasting essentials like dry pasta, canned goods, and bottled water. Keep these somewhere dry and temperate; it’s likely you won’t ever need to dip into them, but should you be snowed in for a few days this winter, you’ll be happy you have them.
  7. Give your Insurance a Look-Over: whether or not you decide to go the extra mile on winterizing your home, it’s imperative that you’re insured. Some of the most common homeowner’s insurance claims are due to snow and ice, frozen pipes, hail, and wind damage. Give us a call and make sure your Massachusetts homeowners insurance has you covered for the winter!


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