30 Apr 2019 Tips for New Drivers

Whether it is you or your teenager getting in the driver’s seat for the first time, it is good to know the “rules of the road”. Here are a few ways to make sure that you and your car stay safe on the road.

  1. Slow Down
    • Contrary to popular belief, a speed limit is not a “suggestion”. Going anything above the speed limit puts you at risk of being pulled over by police, and more importantly, puts you and other drivers in danger. Driving over the speed limit gives you less reaction time and is one of the leading causes of teenage driving accidents.
  2. Keep Up With Car Maintenance
    • Keeping up with car maintenance is one of the most basic ways to extend the life of your car. Oil changes, for example, are only necessary every 5,000 miles or every six months. If you fail to change your oil for an extended period of time, your engine will eventually shut down and have to be replaced!
  3. Check The Forecast!
    • If you’re from New England, it is important to know how to drive in ANY weather. The unpredictability is unlike any other, and weather causes many accidents. If you’re not comfortable driving in heavy rain or snow, you may want to stay put until it passes.
  4.  Don’t Get Too Close To The Car In Front Of You
    • We learned in Driver’s Ed not to be less than three seconds behind the person in front of you. The reason for this is that you have less reaction time if the person in front of you stops short, and if someone rear ends you and you are propelled into the person in front of you, it is your fault, not theirs. You can never be too careful, so leave a safe distance in front of you!
  5. Drive Defensively
    • Driving on the defense allows you to plan ahead and have ample time to react on quick notice. Offensive drivers assume that all others will follow all of the rules of the road, whereas defensive drivers understand that that is fairly unrealistic.

Driving can be a time to relax, let off steam, or a time to spend with the people you love, but we can’t let our guard down when it matters most. Take these tips into account next time you go for a drive, and with any questions on how to protect your new driver with Massachusetts Auto Insurance, call Berry Insurance at (508) 528-5200.

Authored by Riley Alkins

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