28 Aug 2009 Top Five Causes of Workplace Injuries


WorkPlace_Injury1Knowledge is power. Knowing the primary causes of injuries that adversely impact your firm’s productivity and workers compensation costs is important. Nationally, here are the top five workplace injuries:

#1: Overexertion (excessive lifting, pushing, pulling, etc.

#2: Falls on the same level

#3: Injuries from bending, slipping or tripping without falling

#4: Falls to a lower level

#5: Struck by an object

Many of these same causes could be adversely impacting your claim experience. What to do? Safety experts believe that most causes can be prevented by the implementation of an accident prevention plan. Good plans have the following components:

❑Identify the primary injuries that drive your firm’s compensation costs,

❑Prioritize the injuries you wish to reduce or eliminate,

❑Set clear targets for reducing each injury,

❑Implement tactics and training that will prevent these injuries,

❑Regularly track results and hold managers accountable for results.

If your own efforts are not yielding desired results, contact our agency at (800) 941-3317 or visit us online at www.comp-smart.com. One of our Certified WorkComp Specialists can collaborate with you on possible solutions. In many cases, we are able to access safety resources that contribute to improvement in your workers compensation loss experience.

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For more information about this topic, or to get answers about your current insurance situation, stop by our office in Franklin, Massachusetts or give us a call at (800) 941-3317.


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