10 Mar 2017 Pothole Insurance – We’ve Got You Covered!

You might not be able to avoid potholes, but you can at least have any damage to your car caused by potholes, covered by your insurance.


How do potholes even happen?  Well, they begin to form when water goes underneath the ground that is under the pavement.  With all the snow melting and even the rain, water seems to be everywhere.  The water creeps into any crack or wear in the road and settles underneath the roadways.  When the water freezes, it causes the pavement to expand.  Driving over those water-logged spots will create those potholes that no one likes. You know, the ones that never seem to be fixed either.

Potholes can cause serious damage to your car.  So if maneuvering around them isn’t an option, make sure you take these precautions:

  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated before getting on the road.
  • Slow down when the pothole is in view. Going as much as 35 mph over a pothole can cause damage.
  • Puddles do a great job of disguising potholes, so drive through puddles with caution.
  • Hold your steering wheel firmly, so you do not lose control.

I know what you’re thinking, you’re sick of swerving around potholes too.  Winter is harsh on our roads and potholes are just going to get worse.  So, the only way to fix this problem? Get the right auto insurance coverage. Call in to make sure that your car insurance is up to date at (800) 941-3317 or contact us. We’ll be happy to make sure your winter driving goes at smoothly as possible.

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