08 May 2019 Why Work With a Local Insurance Agency?

The big question when people consider buying insurance is whether to go through an agent or direct to the insurance company. We are here to simplify your decision making process by explaining why a Massachusetts insurance agency is the way to go.

Agencies have a number of advantages that are not offered through direct insurance purchases. Take Berry Insurance, for example. Our agents have specialized roles that they focus on every day in order to do what they can for you, not because they need to meet a quota or hit a certain number for the month, but because they have formed a partnership with you. This partnership is dependent on both parties, and once we can learn more about you and your life, we can provide the best policies and recommendations.

To us, you are not just a number, and we would never treat you as such. When you call us, you’ll speak with a real person in minutes as opposed to the typical voice recording that can never quite understand what you’re asking for. There will be no frustrating repetition, mishearing, or wrong number selections with our agency, and if you still have questions after a phone call, the best part is that you can walk right in our front door and meet with us in person!

Berry Insurance works locally. Massachusetts is our home and yours too, and this level of familiarity cannot be found at a large insurance company. We know all there is to know about MA insurance policies, both commercial and personal liability, which allows us to fight for you if or when a claim happens. Follow us on social media to keep up with the office activities, our agents’ success, and more about Berry Insurance. Go local and give us a call at (508) 528-5200 for more information on policies, coverage, and other services.

Authored by Riley Alkins

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