30 Jan 2017 What to Do When You’re Addicted to LuLaRoe …

I haven’t met a woman yet that hasn’t heard of LuLaRoe. It all starts out so innocent. A friend tells you about these super soft leggings they bought recently through Facebook.

“They are soft!” you exclaim.

And pretty soon, you’ve been added to a group on Facebook and are navigating the hundreds of pictures of solid and patterned leggings to shop for yourself.

Then you realize there are shirts too. And skirts. And dresses, sweaters, kids, mens and more…

Next thing you know, you are in over 20 different groups on Facebook hunting for those “unicorn” leggings you’ve been desperately trying to find. Or trying to be the first to claim a pair of leggings in the next holiday capsule. Or trying to buy that amazing Amelia dress you saw on one page in a Medium but you need a Large. Or you’ve signed up to be a LuLaRoe consultant yourself!

You’ve reached the peak of addiction when you find yourself refreshing your iPhone screen to be the first to log in to that night’s Live sale.

Stop….take a look around…..does your closet look like this?

If so, you might want to revisit your personal property coverage limits on your homeowners policy!
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The cost of LuLaRoe clothing can add up quick, and a large spike in your clothes closet might mean you need some added coverage on your insurance. So before anything happens to those highly sought-after paw print leggings, give us a call. We’ll get you the coverage you need so you can relax in the comfort of your favorite pair of leggings.

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