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How Much Should Online Reviews Affect my Insurance Company Selection?

Online reviews are essential nowadays. With so much shopping transitioning into the online sphere, these reviews are one of the...
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Who is Berry Insurance’s Ideal Client

Every business has a personality. If we could describe Berry Insurance’s personality in three words, they would be fun, modern,...
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5 Steps to Get Through Your Workers Comp Audit

Unless you’re new to business ownership, you are probably familiar with workers compensation insurance audits. But, if you’re like most...
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Why You Should Review Your Personal Insurance Annually

Did you know June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day? OK, OK — we realize not everybody is as insurance-obsessed...
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Why Your MA Car Insurance Just Increased (Hint: it Might Have to do with Old Driving Incidents)

So, your car insurance policy just renewed and something seems a little off … your premium is a lot higher...
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Is Water Damage Covered by Car Insurance?

Of all the damage that could happen to our vehicles, we usually don’t expect it to be caused by water....
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