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Corin Cook

By: Corin Cook on January 18th, 2023

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5 Best Personal Insurance Carriers in Massachusetts

Individuals & Families

If you know the importance of personal insurance (which you probably do if you’re here putting in this effort to research) then you might be a little stressed about making the right insurance choices.

After all, personal insurance covers all of the most important things in your life - you and your family, your home, your possessions, your vehicles, and more. So you want to make sure you’re making the right choice in an insurance provider. But how can you possibly know who to work with for insurance? I mean, it’s great to have options so you can find the best fit for you, but with the number of options out there, it can sometimes feel like analysis paralysis.

But we’re here to help you break through that apprehension and finally make a decision. At Berry Insurance, we work with several personal insurance carriers (some of which are highlighted in this article,) so we know a lot about what makes a good insurance company.

Below, we’ll go over five of our favorite business insurance carriers, in no particular order.

1. Safety Insurance

Founded in 1979, Safety Insurance provides excellent service to individuals and families throughout Massachusetts.

According to their website, since they were founded they have had a “belief that we would succeed as a company if customers were given the best possible service.”

To provide that level of service, they consistently offer great coverage at a great price.

And they certainly live up to their name. Safety Insurance prioritizes the safety of its clients through a partnership with the driver training and education center, In Control Family Foundation. 

“This partnership will help educate teens and drivers of all ages about safe driving practices, and encourage participation in advanced driver skills development programs to reduce the number of accidents on our state’s roads,” according to Safety’s website.

Those who participate in the program even become eligible for a discount on their auto insurance through Safety!

We also love that Safety Insurance gives back to the community through The Safety Insurance Charitable Foundation and an employee gift matching program.

2. Plymouth Rock Assurance

The next on our list, Plymouth Rock Assurance has been providing personal insurance to the community since 1982.

On their website, they say “delivering insurance with kindness and humanity is still our job. It means genuinely caring about our customers, treating you like more than just a policy number and partnering with local insurance experts right in your neighborhood to help you navigate the complex world of insurance.”

They also say they are committed to saving clients money and claim that drivers could save over $645 by switching to Plymouth Rock.

To achieve this, they provide many discounts, including Road Rewards, Plymouth Rock’s safe driving program. By allowing an app to use telematics to track driving habits, it rewards policyholders for safe driving.

Through the Plymouth Rock Assurance Foundation, and an employee matching program, Plymouth Rock actively gives back to the community.

We also love Plymouth Rock’s Resources Page, which provides clients with helpful resources about their insurance and risk management.

3. The Norfolk & Dedham Group

The oldest carrier on the list, The Norfolk & Dedham Group has been serving the community since 1825.

And we think being a member of the community for 200 years says a lot about a company’s reputation.

“As a locally grown insurance company, we know the region, know the risks, and know the right coverage,” they say on their website.

Their online reviews praise an easy and informative claims process.

4. The Hanover Insurance Group

Another company with local longevity, Hanover Insurance was founded in the mid-1800s and has been helping individuals and families get the right personal insurance since.

According to their website, “Whether you’re single, married or empty nesters, we can offer you tailored protection options for your needs with the services and convenient tools you want.”

Hanover is also dedicated to serving the local community, specifically through education efforts.

“The goal of The Hanover Insurance Group Foundation, Inc.* is to improve the quality of life in communities where our companies—The Hanover and Citizens Insurance— have a major presence, placing a special emphasis on helping to build world-class public education systems and inspiring and empowering youth to achieve their full potential.”

They also have a great Resources Library, which covers many helpful topics for individuals and families, including buying a car, safe driving, protecting your home from risks, insuring teen drivers, and more.

5. Vermont Mutual Insurance Group

Founded in 1828, Vermont Mutual Insurance Group has surely proven itself here in New England.

Vermont Mutual provides insurance to 300,000 policyholders through it’s more than 800 independent office locations.

As a “mutual insurance company” Vermont mutual is owned by its policyholders unlike public insurance companies, so you know they have their clients’ best interests in mind.

And they have the accolades to show for it. They are Rated A+ Superior by A.M. Best and a Ward’s Top 50 performing property and casualty insurance for the past 12 years in addition to several other awards.

Like the other companies, they also have a charitable giving fund  to support the local community.

Choosing the right carrier for you

We know deciding who to trust with your personal insurance can feel like a stressful decision, but fortunately, you have options.

Chances are, many of the carriers above could have a policy that is right for you and your family.

Like we said, we actually work with several of the carriers above, so if you’d like to talk to somebody about your insurance options, feel free to contact us!

But before you do, you may want to prepare yourself with this article: What Information do I Need for a Personal Insurance Quote? It will help you become fully prepared for a seamless quoting process. And you can download the worksheet below to be prepared for your next personal insurance quote. 

Download the Worksheet