Real People

At Berry, we’re real people just like our clients. We understand their needs because we share those needs. We believe our value is in consultation, personal relationships, and as community advocates.

Real Risk

We take time to sit down and explain to our clients not only what their coverage is, but how it protects them from risks, and what the value of it is beyond dollars and cents.

Real Results

There is a reason we’ve been in business for 90 plus years, and it’s that when you combine awareness of risk with a personal relationships you create real results for your clients.

On today’s agenda: you have to get the kids to school, get to work on time, meet your deadlines, make it to your son’s soccer game and get dinner on the table… oh and don’t forget, you also need to obtain professional liability insurance coverage.

Wait… what?

We know that you don’t know the ins and outs of professional liability insurance. What you do know is that you have a business and you need to protect it. We also know that you don’t want to dial a 1-800 number that leads you to a recorded machine to figure out how to get the insurance you need-quite frankly, you don’t have the time! You want a real person who will take the time to sit down and explain to you the real risks that coverage protects you from.

Enter the protection team at Berry Insurance.

Why do business with us? Because when you are looking to obtain insurance you want someone on your side that understands your life, your risks, and when and if the time comes, to file a claim. We will get you the results you deserve.

Since 1922, our mission has been simple and clear: Build a relationship with our clients that enables our team to provide coverage options that protect you from the risks involved in your life. Not your brother’s life, not your Facebook friend Rhonda’s life—but yours. Our expertise is in delivering results when you need them.

This is ingrained in our agency because Johanna Berry, the very first of the third-generation family-owned agency, started Berry Insurance Agency right out of her home, as a “kitchen broker,” handling accounts for her friends. 95 years later, Kaitlyn and Chris Pintarich are excited to keep the family atmosphere alive, as the new owners of Berry Insurance.

So when you ask us “Why do business with you over the other guys?” there is not a cut and dry answer. What we do know is this: you’ll always be seen as a real person not an account. You’ll always have access to a real person, not a robot. Your risks will be analyzed, not filed into a sample group. When you need results, we’ll get them.

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When you find messages from your team 🥰

We miss you Kim! See you Monday!

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Some days are ruff-er than others ... 😂

Poor Shredder. He really does miss seeing people!

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