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Condo living is a great way to own a growing asset while minimizing your overhead and time investment. While owning a condo can be a breeze, insuring it the right way takes a professional. It’s a great thing you found Berry Insurance.  We have a great deal of experience handling Massachusetts condo insurance policies. Your condominium documents will outline what is covered by the master policy as well as what the owner is responsible for within their unit. Understanding how your association has been established will help the team at Berry make sure your investment is sound.

Let’s provide you a real life example. Say one of the units in your condo association is vacant and the heat shuts off.  A pipe bursts and water is now flooding the units below it. Depending on how your condo documents are written, either the master association policy would cover the damage to the physical building or your policy would need to cover the damage. See how this is an important thing to know?! And either way your personal items are never covered by the association’s policy. Your condo insurance policy covers things like your clothing, electronics, valuables, furniture and more. Finding the right agent who takes the time to review your exact situation can save you in the long run.


Massachusetts condo insurance can be purchased for replacement cost.  In the event of fire, you would be given today’s value to buy a new television, rather than a lesser amount if your television was older.

You can purchase protection against loss assessment fees charged by the association. For example, say there is roof damage from a fire to your building and the whole roof needs to be replaced. The association may choose to assess each unit owner for the repairs. If the insured did not have this coverage, they would have had to pay their portion out of their pocket!

If a catastrophic event happens making your condo temporarily uninhabitable, coverage can be purchased to pay for your additional living expenses while repairs are made to your home (this means you won’t have to move in with your in-laws!).

Personal liability coverage is available to protect you against a lawsuit as a result of bodily injury or property damage to others. Personal injury protection can also be included, which is extremely important to have in today’s social media driven environment.

We want you to enjoy your home! So leave the condo insurance to the team at Berry. This is how the Berry Insurance team makes sure you can focus on enjoying your condo while we focus on your insurance:

  • We get to know you and your life so we can properly insure your valuables.
  • We help pick the right coverage for you. You may not think you have many valuables but add up just a few of these and you will see how quickly expenses mount in a claim:
    • Television
    • Surround Sound
    • Shoes
    • Clothes
    • Towels
    • Bedding
    • Plates
    • Mattress
    • Couches
    • Appliances
  • Our team will review the condo documents with you to show you what you need and why.
  • Since we work with the top carriers in the state, we have access to discounts such as multi-policy, alarms, e-customer, smoke detector and more.
  • You will get an annual call from your dedicated account manager so we can review any changes that may affect your insurance.
  • We promise to always respond quickly and not speak insurance-eze.
  • Many times combining your condo with your auto insurance means your condo insurance will cost a few less cups of coffee per month!
  • Download our app to help you make payments and report claims. We also have a 24 hour claims support line should you need us!

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We lived in a duplex that was converted to condo units. The pipes to both units’ second floor bathrooms joined together. Not once, but twice, the pipe blocked in the adjacent unit and backed up into our second floor bathroom, down into our kitchen, and all the way to our basement. Some of the repairs were covered by our Master Condo policy, but not all. Thankfully, my account manager made sure I was properly protected so I didn’t have any out of pocket expenses. – Kaitlyn P.

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