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coverage for pollution damage and claims

Protection from claims of damage you may not even know you're causing with pollution insurance.

No matter the business size or industry, every company causes pollution.

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What is pollution liability insurance?

Pollution liability insurance is a commercial insurance policy protecting businesses against liability from damages or injury caused by pollutants they work with, produce, or exacerbate.

So what is considered a pollutant? Well actually -- almost everything can be. Pollutants are any materials or substances that end up somewhere they weren’t intended to be used. Even things like fresh water, fruit juice, and cheese have been considered pollutants in certain instances.

And because every business deals with materials or substances that can end up somewhere they don't belong, every business can cause pollution.

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Types of pollution liability coverage:

Depending on your company's risks, needs, and operations, there are several types of pollution insurance you might need. These can be purchased as standalone policies, or bundled together into a comprehensive pollution insurance policy.

Pollution legal liability

These policies cover legal liability for both on- and off-site pollution claims for bodily injury, property damage, or clean-up costs.

Professional and contractor environmental liability

This type of pollution insurance covers the same things as a pollution legal liability policy, but for individual contractors rather than whole companies.

Transporter insurance

Transporter insurance extends coverage to hazardous materials being transported from one location to another. This coverage is usually rolled into a pollution liability policy or contractor environmental policy.

Storage tank pollution liability

This type of pollution policy covers property damage and injury claims, as well as cleanup, but specifically for business that own tanks storing hazardous materials 

Other types

other, less common types of policies include cleanup cost cap or stop loss, brownfields restoration and development, secured creditor, and closure and post-closure.

Surprising pollution statistics

When it comes to pollution, you can never be too cautious. Making sure you have the right insurance protection can prevent your business from becoming a statistic too.


What does pollution liability insurance cover?

A standard pollution liability insurance policy generally covers claims for bodily injury, property damage, business interruption, crisis management, transportation liability, as well as clean-up costs associated with the toxic materials.

This means if any hazardous waste materials you work with, store, or produce caused any injuries or damage to a third party (or land/wildlife), the insurance policy would pay for the damages, medical bills, and associated legal fees.

Some of the pollutants covered include: oil, gas, asbestos, pesticides, PFAS chemicals, weed killers, ammonia, lead paint, sewage, mold, Legionella, petroleum, Category 3 water, radon, garden chemicals, cleaning chemicals, pool chemicals -- the list is endless.


Got pollution liability insurance questions? We’ve got answers.

Pollution liability insurance is pretty complex. We know you’ve got more questions, so let’s get started with the basics.

Do I need pollution liability insurance if I already have a general liability insurance policy?

Do I really need pollution liability insurance?

How much does pollution liability insurance cost?

How pollution insurance can clear the air

Your business might be doing more damage than you realize. Pollution insurance will be there for you in several ways if you unintentionally cause harm.


Coverage for damage

Many businesses cannot afford the cost of a pollution claim. If your pollution causes bodily injury, property damage, or environmental damage, you won't be stuck with the bill.


Sustained income

You don't have to worry about the impact of closing your doors because of a pollution issue. The right policy will provide you with business interruption coverage.


Crisis management

Your carrier doesn't just cover the costs -- it helps you navigate the crisis throughout the entire claims process.

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