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Robbie Hoye

By: Robbie Hoye on August 26th, 2022

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Everything You Need to Know About Wind Deductibles

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Heard about wind deductibles or saw it on your current homeowners insurance policy and are unsure of what it is or if it applies to you? With claims from wind consistently ranking as one of the most common claims filed under home insurance policies, it’s important to ensure your home is covered for any potential claims. 

Because of their costly nature and prominence amongst coastal homes, which are at a higher risk of hurricanes or heavy winds, some insurance carriers require a separate wind deductible on your homeowners insurance policy

Here at Berry Insurance, we’ve guided numerous clients through the aftermath of wind damages that can be devastating to one's home. In this article we’ll cover what a wind deductible offers for coverage and what homes require this additional add-on. 

What is a wind deductible? 

First, let's have a refresher on what a deductible is. An insurance deductible is what you have to pay before an insurance provider reimburses you any money to cover the repair or replacement of any damaged dwelling or personal property. Insurance companies would simply take your deductible amount out of the reimbursement value you receive after filing a claim. 

A wind deductible is a separate deductible from the one on your homeowners policy, and would be the amount you’d pay after filing any claims made for wind damages or loss on your home. 

This deductible would be used for any claims made regarding wind storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and hail storms. 

While wind and hail damages are usually covered through standard homeowners policies, insurance providers will often require a higher deductible set for coastal homes or others in high risk areas of wind, hurricane, or hail damages. 

Due to the added risk of insuring these properties, and the frequency of wind related claims, many insurance companies will require a wind deductible be added before a policy is written. 

While this deductible mostly applies to coastal homes, it is always important to check with your insurance agent to see where your policy provides coverage, and where it may be lacking. 

How do wind deductibles work? 

Wind deductibles are typically percentage deductibles set at 1, 2, or 5% of the home's dwelling coverage limit on a homeowners insurance policy. In the case of any claims made for wind damages, your wind deductible would apply instead of your standard deductible. 

What do wind deductibles apply to?

  • Dwelling: This section of coverage protects your home and any attached structures, such as a patio, deck, or garage if affected during a windstorm. 
  • Other structures: This would protect any other structures in your yard that are not attached to your home. This can include fences, garages, sheds, pools, and driveways. 
  • Personal property: This would cover all of your belongings in your home or yard. If any items are damaged or lost as a result of wind related damages, this would pay to repair or replace them. 
  • Loss of use: If a heavy wind storm or hurricane prevents you from staying in your home for any period of time, your insurance coverage would pay for temporary lodging for you and your family. 

How to file a wind claim: 

If your home does experience any damages or loss as a result of a wind-related incident, the first thing to do is contact your insurance agent to begin the claim process. 

Your agent will then help you navigate the following steps: 

  • Report claim to your insurance agent or company
  • The insurance company will assign an adjuster, who will contact you for information regarding the incident 
  • The adjuster will investigate your claim, collecting any facts and estimating the damages
  • The insurance company will determine the amount of payment and issue it to you after taking out the cost of your wind deductible
  • The insurance company will close the claim

Wondering how to go about filing a home insurance claim? Learn all you need to know about the claim process here: Everything You Need to Know About Filing a Home Insurance Claim.

Being prepared for any coming storms

Wind deductibles can be an important facet of coverage for any home in areas of high risk of wind claims.

However, this coverage is not recommended unless your home and insurance policy explicitly requires it. At Berry Insurance, we’ve encountered clients with policies written elsewhere overpaying on their insurance for wind deductibles they didn’t know about and never needed. 

Because of this, it is important to review your homeowners insurance policy, making sure you either have all the proper coverage or are not overpaying for coverages you don’t need. To learn more about the benefits of reviewing your insurance policy, check out this article: Why You Should Review Your Personal Insurance Annually.