At Berry Insurance, we have created a program to help new and existing clients with their Worker’s Compensation
needs. Our Certified WorkComp Advisors and Certified WorkComp Specialists really know the “SYSTEM.” They
know that each part: audit, experience modification factor, recovery-at-work program, employee classification,
claims handling and more are riddled with potential errors. With over 800 different employee classifications alone,
is it surprising that errors occur? What is surprising is that insurance agents don’t catch them, causing business
owners like you, to pay more for your Worker’s Compensation Insurance than you legally should.

Certified WorkComp Advisors and Certified WorkComp Specialists are required to keep up-to-date on the many rule changes and continue their Worker’s Compensation education each year to maintain their Certification. Our expertise has saved many business owners thousands of dollars.  And we can help you do the same!

Earning this designation means the ultimate stamp of approval and recognition as true Worker’s Compensation Masters. To be able to accept this designation, our Certified WorkComp Advisors and Certified WorkComp Specialists immersed themselves in an intensive study of Worker’s Compensation Insurance and passed all the requirements necessary to accomplish the status of these designations.

The Institute of WorkComp Professionals kicked off its initial Certification Program in October 2001. Since that time, our employees have built an in depth knowledge about Worker’s Compensation Insurance, the insurance coverage mandated by Massachusetts for employers to provide for its employees, to pay for workplace injuries. For help with your Worker’s Compensation needs, contact our Certified WorkComp Advisors and Certified WorkComp Specialists:

Our Comp~Smart Team



Certified WorkComp Advisor



Certified WorkComp Advisor


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