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If you are a business owner, property owner or tenant, protecting what you have built is your top priority. Let the team at Berry Insurance lessen your load by being on your team. We work with everything from multi-million dollar businesses to local Main Street operations. Our team works to make sure that if the unthinkable happens, you know you are covered.


Here are a few reasons to trust Berry Insurance with your commercial property insurance:

  • We stop and get to know you and analyze what your exposure is.  We review your inventory, furniture, technology and more.
  • Since we understand insurance costs are on your mind, we will always provide you options for deductibles and payment structures so you can get the coverage you need within your budget goals.
  • We can cover you from any disaster with workers compensation, general liability and commercial umbrella insurance options as well.
  • With our insurance app you can take an inventory so we have all of your valuable equipment and resources protected.
  • The Berry team will make sure you understand why you need this coverage.  It’s not a sales pitch with us; it’s caring about your business.


Contact us today to get started. As a Massachusetts business we understand the landscape.  Just take a look at our partners page for other local businesses we love serving!

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The reason we love having Berry Insurance as our insurance agent is the service. At Berry Insurance the service is more responsive and faster than their competitors that we have used in the past. - Mike K.

Massachusetts Commercial Property Insurance: Real Risk

Your office is like a second home, in fact some weeks you may spend more time at your office than your home! Just like your home, you need property insurance to protect your physical assets from everything from a minor incident to a major accident. If you take a moment and start to think about all of the assets within your operation: furniture, equipment, technology and products, it’s easy to see how quickly the dollar signs add up. That’s why the team at Berry Insurance is here to help you understand the value of a Massachusetts commercial property insurance policy.


Massachusetts commercial property insurance is not just for commercial property owners. In fact you should have it to protect your business assets no matter if you rent, lease or own. If you run a home based business, you should consider the coverage as well! Unfortunately, there are real risks in the world.  Imagine if a fire broke out.  It would be costly to replace all of your technology, products and furniture.

6 Surprising things your Policy Will Cover

Your outdoor signs


Furniture, technology and equipment




Tools & equipment


Fences and landscaping


Other people’s property

Why Us?


As a local growing business in the community, we understand the intricacies of Massachusetts commercial property policies so you don’t have to! We invest in continuous training for our team so you can rest assured knowing that we are always bringing our A game to your insurance needs.
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