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When working with a new prospect and analyzing their current Workers Compensation program, we conducted our 5 Step Process and found these results:

  • Identified several errors in the calculation of their experience modification factor
  • Berry Insurance worked with the state rating bureau on the prospect’s behalf to resolve the issues and obtain a refund
  • Result: Savings of over $10K on their premium

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With great things to say about Berry Insurance

I left my previous agent and was so grateful I found Berry Insurance. They are very tech savvy and have a superior support staff that makes doing business easy. I was very dissatisfied with my previous agency. Berry Insurance stepped in on my behalf when payment was delayed on a Contractor Controlled Insurance Program claim. It wasn’t even their policy and they came to my rescue.

Massachusetts Workers Compensation Insurance: Real Risk

You work hard at growing your business and serving your customers. And that should be where you focus your time and energy. What you shouldn’t have to worry about is your insurance.

At Berry Insurance, we help businesses like yours understand and control your workers compensation costs. In Massachusetts, Workers Compensation is a state-mandated, non-optional policy for all businesses. And its cost is handled much like your taxes. The premium for the policy is based on your payroll and class of business (plus a few other factors). Much like the IRS, your Workers Compensation insurance company will look to square-up with you at the end of your policy. If you overpaid, you get a refund. If you underpaid, you will owe additional funds. Thankfully, selecting a knowledgeable agent can help you avoid these unpredictable costs.

We’ll review your account annually to make sure you are paying the correct amount for your Massachusetts Workers Compensation Insurance. Slight changes to your business can have a significant impact on your premium. As can claims paid for injuries to your employees. No one wants to think about workplace accidents, however they do happen. Did you know, in 2013 there were over 3 million non-fatal work-related injuries reported in the United States? Thankfully, your Massachusetts Workers Compensation policy is designed to not only protect the employees and their families, but also the employer, in the unfortunate event of a workplace accident.

As a small business in Massachusetts, we understand that you want to focus on your customers and growing your business. That’s why we’ve developed a 5 step approach to assisting our clients in their Workers Compensation needs, so you can rest assured you are paying the right amount to maximize your business’ cash flow.


Our agents start by understanding you and your business. We know all businesses are unique. So by getting to know who you are and what you do, we can then identify what will suit your business.

If you already have workers compensation insurance in place, we’ll review your policy for classification errors that may result in premium savings.

We review all claims, and work with adjusters on any open claims, to lower reserves and/or close the claim. Un-closed claims can unnecessarily increase your insurance costs. We also take the time to review your claims history for any trends, and will make recommendations on how to reduce future accidents from occurring.

We’ll have a discussion about your employees, and help you understand the impact of using temporary, seasonal, 1099 or subcontracted labor. Differences in worker classification can change your expenses. By understanding your business we can identify any opportunities to separate payroll into lower rated classes.

Finally, based on our review, we provide our clients valuable resources on how to limit and avoid workplace accidents. This alone can help drive down workplace accidents and your workers compensation expenses.

  • No service fees to handle your account
  • We offer payroll deduction options for your business
  • We help you prepare in advance for your audit
  • We’ll review your contracts for any insurance requirements pertaining to coverage; explaining any potential gaps or issues that may arise
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