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Do I Need Snow Plow Insurance?

If you’ll be snow plowing this winter, you’ll need snow plow insurance consisting of a general liability and business auto...
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Berry Insurance Gears Up For Their 13th Annual Halloween Costume Drive

It’s that time of year again! Here at Berry Insurance, we’re gearing up to begin collecting costumes for our 13th...
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No Excuses for Drunk Driving: Know Your Alternatives

There are no excuses for drinking and driving, no matter the circumstance. We want you to know your options if...
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Why Work With a Local Insurance Agency?

Agencies have a number of advantages that are not offered through direct insurance purchases. We are here to simplify your...
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Tips for New Drivers

Here are a few ways to make sure that you and your car stay safe on the road.
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Massachusetts Auto Accident Claims FAQ

An insurance claim is a request by a policy holder (you) to an insurance company for coverage or compensation for...
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