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Should I Wait until Renewal to Switch Auto Insurance?

Are you unhappy with your car insurance?  Maybe you’re paying an astronomical price. Maybe you realized you don’t have nearly...
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Do I Need Comprehensive or Collision Auto Coverage?

Selecting comprehensive and collision auto coverage is kind of like choosing ice cream. OK, maybe it isn’t as fun, but...
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If a Tree Falls on my Car/House, Whose Insurance Pays?

Ahhh, trees. They’re beautiful to look at, create shade in your yard, and act as a habitat for the birds....
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Everything You Need to Know about the Distracted Driving MA Hands-Free Law

Hey! Stop whatever you’re doing and read this important message … unless you’re driving — in that case, put your...
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Do You Need an Auto Insurance Card when Traveling out of MA?

Massachusetts has different rules than most other states when it comes to carrying auto insurance ID cards. While it may...
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Do I Need Builders Risk Coverage for my Home Project?

If you’re overseeing a construction, renovation, or installation project in your home, we understand how important your project is to...
Read More 6 min. read

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