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You may be without a vehicle for a lot of reasons: saving money, being environmentally conscious, or just preferring to avoid the added costs and headaches that can come with owning and maintaining a vehicle. But as long as you’re driving a vehicle — whether a friend’s, a rental, or a car share — you still need to protect yourself on the road. That’s where named non-owner auto insurance comes in. Similar to a standard auto insurance policy, it covers you in case you cause an accident. And while we never want to believe we’ll be the reason for a crash, with or without injuries, anything can happen. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and having some form of insurance might make your roommate or best friend more willing to hand over the keys when you need to get to that interview or meeting.

You might tell yourself that you’ll be even more careful driving someone else’s vehicle than you are with your own. And that’s probably true. But all it takes is one icy patch on 495 or a second of taking your eyes off the road during rush hour on 95, and you’ve rear-ended someone. Knowing you’ve got liability coverage for the other driver’s injuries and damage lets you breathe a little easier. And if you add medical payments or personal injury protection to your coverage, you’ll be taken care of, too. You don’t have a car for a reason, and that reason might be financial. Don’t add to your money troubles by causing an accident you can’t afford. Get a non-owner auto insurance policy and protect yourself.


Named non-owner auto insurance is made for people who don’t own a car but use car sharing services, rent vehicles frequently, or borrow other peoples’ cars regularly.

It includes liability coverage for property damage and bodily injuries to the other driver and their passengers if you cause an accident.

Multiple types of coverage may be available for named non-owners auto insurance, depending on the insurance provider you choose, such as:

● Liability coverage

● Uninsured/underinsured motorist protection

● Medical payments or personal injury protection

Named non-owner auto insurance typically costs less than a standard auto insurance policy. Having this coverage while you don’t have a car maintains continuity of coverage and helps keep your rates low when you do need standard auto insurance later.

Focus on keeping your passengers safe and your car well maintained. Let us handle the rest.

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Berry Insurance was recommended to me by my mother. We were closing on our first home and she quickly put together our home insurance binder and found me a new car insurance policy. She saved me over $400 on my car insurance! Everyone was very friendly and were quickly available by phone or email. Wonderful experience! – Amanda M.

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