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What better way to see America than by going cross country in your recreational vehicle. You may be concerned with packing snacks and planning your route, however don’t forget to properly insure your new toy! In order to put your new wheels on the road, the state of Massachusetts requires you to purchase RV insurance. While you plan the national landmarks you and your family are going to check out, let our team make sure your new asset is protected from a fender bender, theft or a bigger accident.

You may be wondering what Massachusetts RV insurance protects. It’s similar to auto insurance in many ways. You are covered for injuries to your passengers and others in the event of a car accident. Also, you will have uninsured motorist coverage for damage and injuries caused by an uninsured driver. You can add on other features that may be very helpful during your new adventure such as rental coverage, towing and additional coverages. Your RV insurance policy will cover collision with vehicles or objects, weather damage, vandalism and property inside of your RV. The one main difference in coverage between RV Insurance in Massachusetts and auto insurance is the RV is often protected for full replacement of the RV rather than the actual cash value of the vehicle.


Tire failures: Make sure your tires are properly inflated.  Throughout your trip you should check the inflation to make sure it is up to the recommendations from the dealer.  Make sure you check your tires routinely and replace them as necessary.

Fire: Your RV is a moving home. Just like at home, you need to manage any candles, watch your kitchen area and keep any combustibles safe and secure.

Hitting low overhangs and bridges: It’s important that you watch the signs on the road and know the exact height of any bridges you may encounter. If you see an area that looks risky, take another route.

Not retracting steps, awnings and umbrellas: When you are ready to get on the move, make sure someone is responsible for doing a quick walk around. Forgetting to retract steps, awnings and umbrellas can not only damage your vehicle but it can also injure others.

Animal Damage: When you are not using your RV it’s important you store your vehicle correctly. Rodents and small animals are always looking for a warm place to live. The animals can build nests or chew through parts of your vehicle. When taking your RV out, make sure to thoroughly check all the nooks and crannies.

Pack your bags and get ready to see America. You grab the board games, movies and s’mores and we’ll make sure your auto ID cards are ready to go for your big adventure. We love a great vacation here at Berry Insurance; be sure to check out our team page to see a few vacation pictures from our staff.

Here are just a few benefits of insuring your RV with Berry Insurance:

  • We stop and get to know your plans. By knowing how you use your RV, we can make sure you have the coverage you need including towing, roadside assistance and more.
  • No service fees to handle your account.
  • We assist you in calculating your replacement cost value of the RV.
  • Discount reviews each and every year for things like multi-policy credits, alarms, e-customer and more!
  • Mobile phone app so you can pay your bill, store your auto ID card and report a claim or you can call our 24 hour emergency claims line.
  • Annual account reviews so your insurance keeps up with your life.
  • We work with the top carriers in the state so as your life changes, we can meet your needs.
  • Your insurance policy will be as unique as you are.  As we learn about your home and family, we tailor your insurance to fit you like a glove.
  • You get a real live person on your account! You can check us out on our team page!
  • We have payment options, EFT, paid in full discounts and more.
  • We also sell auto, life, umbrella insurance and much more.

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My account manager is truly my PERSONAL insurance agent. I can call or email her and she gets back to me promptly, with a smile. She goes above and beyond to help with claims, finds the best and most affordable coverage. No question is a stupid question. We could shop around or go the internet route, like some of our friends. That’s not for me. My parents were with Berry Insurance and my family is going to stay with Berry. – Michelle B.

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