8 Oct

How Commercial Flood Insurance Can Protect Your Business

You may be under a few false impressions regarding your business and its flood damage coverage. The first is that your business owner’s policy already covers you in the event of a flood. The second is that associations like FEMA and SBA (the U.S. Small Business Administration) will cover you if flooding were to happen […]

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Do I Need Flood Insurance Even if I'm Not in a Flood Zone?

2 Apr

Do I Need Flood Insurance Even if I’m Not in a Flood Zone?

It’s officially time for those April showers! It’s not just a cliche: spring is wet — and if you are one of the unlucky ones who will experience flooding in the next several weeks, you may be dealing with a large expense if you aren’t properly insured. If you’re not in a “flood zone,” you […]

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20 Aug

MEMA reminds Massachusetts to “Know Your Zone”

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency works to highlight a variety of preparedness campaigns to ready residents and visitors for anything Mother Nature hands down. “Know Your Zone” stresses the importance of knowing the local hurricane evacuation zones near your home or work. If state officials decide to evacuate, they’ll be issued in zones. Most coastal […]

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