09 Jul 2018 Everything You Need To Know About Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance can seem complex, but have no fear! We’re here to clear things up for you.

You’ll want to make sure you’re properly insured, no matter what the situation. From personal liability to unexplained accidents, the cost of mishap can become incredibly high. In this video, you’ll learn about what kind of insurance you’d need in a few crazy situations (did you accidentally start a fire in your own house that then spread to your neighbor’s? Did a tornado blow through? Did your calm and loving puppy bite your child’s friend?).

These scenarios may seem extreme, but they happen more than you think! Even if a tornado never blows down your house, a rain storm could bring down that old tree in your backyard, damaging your roof or windows. We often dismiss that we may need some types of coverage because the situations we imagine ourselves needing them in seem too far-fetched. But don’t forget that insurance can have your back even in small, day-to-day mishaps. Watch on to learn about the full range of home insurance options, and remember to think realistically about what might be best for you!


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