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Robbie Hoye

By: Robbie Hoye on September 21st, 2022

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Damages to Landscaping?

If you’ve recently put a good amount of time and money into sprucing up your yard, you may be wondering if your brand new collection of rose bushes or hydrangeas, or your expensive patio would be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. 

In the event that anything were to damage your perfectly groomed yard, it’s good to know that your insurance has your back. 

We at Berry Insurance know how much care goes into upkeeping a home's landscaping, and even more about what goes into protecting it. Read on to find out how your homeowners insurance policy covers your home's landscaping.

How is landscaping covered by home insurance? 

Your homeowners insurance policy offers a plethora of protections for every part of your home. 

Protection of your lawn or landscaping will be covered under your homeowners insurance policy, but how much is covered can vary from carrier to carrier.

In general, your homeowners policy will have a set amount of coverage for all outdoor property. This protects your yard, as well as trees, shrubs, bushes, and other plants, as long as the damages are caused by a peril covered by a standard home insurance policy. 

What perils are covered?

Depending on your specific policy and carrier, the list of covered perils that apply to your landscaping may be shorter than what generally covers other areas of your home.

The following list of perils to landscaping are covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy. 

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Theft
  • Vandalism 

Some carriers also extend coverage for damages to landscaping caused by vehicles that are not owned or operated by residents of the home. 

While you may have coverage for your yard, it does not always guarantee replacement of damaged landscaping, instead it may only aid in the removal of those that were damaged. 

What perils are not covered?

Some coverages from a standard homeowners insurance policy may not be applicable to landscaping protection. 

While dependent on your policy and carrier, the following are often excluded in coverage for landscaping or any shrubs, and bushes. 

  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Insects, pests, and disease 
  • Ice, snow, and frost 

Insurers will also not cover damages to landscaping caused by floods under your homeowners policy, as you would instead need to acquire a separate flood insurance policy to receive coverage. 

Is there a limit for landscaping coverage? 

Most homeowners insurance policies will have a set amount or percentage in place for how much protection you can receive for landscaping. 

For example, some carriers we work with have a set amount at $10,000 for outdoor property, with a sublimit of $1,000 per tree, shrub, or plant.

As the amount of coverage provided can vary between insurance providers, it’s important for you to reach out to your insurance agent to see how your policy covers you. 

Do note that your deductible would have to be applied before coverage is granted. Your deductible being the amount that you pay before insurance funds are allocated to you to cover damage, your deductible amount is simply taken out of the insurance sum you would receive for repairs or replacement. 

Are fallen trees covered?

Tree falls rank as one of the most common home insurance claims, and can be some of the most costly as well. 

Damage to your home or other structures on your property are covered by your homeowners policy, if the damage is caused by a covered peril. Most insurance carriers will also extend coverage for damages or removal for any trees felled by wind or heavy storms. 

To know more about how fallen trees are covered by your homeowners insurance, and how to file for a fallen tree claim, check out this article: If a Tree Falls on my Car/House, Whose Insurance Pays?

Maintaining greener gardens

As it's often the first part of your home that you or your guests will see, it can be natural to obsess over your lawn and landscaping. With the time you put into the upkeep of your landscaping, it’s important to know just how you will be covered in the case of a claim. 

As what coverage is offered for landscaping can vary between insurance carriers, it’s good to know which company offers the right coverage for your home. To see which carriers we recommend the most, jump on over to our article all about the 5 best homeowners insurance carriers in Massachusetts.