12 Oct 2018 How Directors & Officers Insurance Can Give You Peace Of Mind

So, your small business is doing well; you’re feeling happy, confident, and most importantly—properly insured. It seems nothing could go wrong! Or could it? Let us tell you a quick anecdote: the former owner of a daycare has just sold his business. Out of the blue, he is sued by his buyer, who is claiming […]

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10 Oct 2018 Fire Prevention Week

Did you know that this week National Fire Prevention week? It may seem a bit extreme to dedicate an entire week to this topic, but house fires can be more serious than you think. Each year, house fires account for roughly $7 billion in damages and claim the lives of more than 2,500 people. These […]

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8 Oct 2018 How Commercial Flood Insurance Can Protect Your Business

You may be under a few false impressions regarding your business and its flood damage coverage. The first is that your business owner’s policy already covers you in the event of a flood. The second is that associations like FEMA and SBA (the U.S. Small Business Administration) will cover you if flooding were to happen […]

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5 Oct 2018 Protect Your Business Income With Business Interruption Insurance

Could your business survive a few weeks with no revenue? What about a few months? The unfortunate reality is that the loss of a revenue stream is a real risk and can happen for a number of reasons. Whether a natural disaster damages your facilities or a necessary vendor fails to come through, you’ll want […]

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3 Oct 2018 Some Helpful Tips for the Start of Flu Season

As of October 1st, it’s officially that time of year again… flu season. Everyone’s favorite, right? It’s not exactly an exciting time of year, but, unfortunately, we have to deal with it either way. While sometimes catching the nasty bug is unavoidable, there are definitely some things we can do to lower our risk, and […]

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1 Oct 2018 Condo Insurance Made Easy

We understand Massachusetts condominium insurance is confusing, and sometimes it feels like you just don’t have the time to try to figure it out. It’s not renters insurance, because you own your condo, but it’s also not homeowners insurance. So what is it? And why is it different from homeowners insurance? The thing that makes […]

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28 Sep 2018 Cyber Attacks Are Skyrocketing, Is Your Business Protected?

Cyber liability insurance… ever heard of it? This is a type of insurance that is increasingly more important for small businesses to possess. Cyber attacks and data breeches don’t sound like something that could happen to you, right? It seems that data breeches are always happening to large companies like Target, Adobe, and Yahoo. But […]

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26 Sep 2018 Autumn Maintenance For a Hassle-Free Winter

The weather is finally cooling off and autumn feels like it’s truly here! That means a lot of our favorite things are just around the corner— playing in the leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, and a warm fire in the fireplace. There is one thing, however, that we’re not looking forward to: winter-prep maintenance […]

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24 Sep 2018 How Professional Liability Insurance Can Protect You From Costly Lawsuits

Does your business advise clients in some way or provide any kind of professional services? You could be anything from an accountant, to a dentist, to a graphic designer; no matter what kind of services you provide, unsatisfied clients can be a real liability risk if they decide to sue. Whether they decide that your […]

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21 Sep 2018 Finding The Right Business Owner’s Policy For You

We know business insurance can be confusing, full of jargon, and frankly, a lot to deal with. But whether your business is large or small, being properly insured is imperative. Unfortunately, there are a number of common situations that’ll have you feeling a bit stuck if you’re not insured. Get a load of this: 1 […]

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