You know the saying: technology is a blessing and a curse. Technology use is an essential part of business and everyday life today. It has streamlined, optimized and sped up our processes and expanded our capabilities. But in recent years, it has also made people and businesses, including some of the world’s largest organizations, vulnerable […]

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Editor’s Note: This is one of a series of reviews about shopping with online insurance companies we will be putting out in the next several weeks. To ensure a dynamic perspective and full, balanced review, both Kaitlyn Pintarich, President of Berry Insurance with 17 years of insurance experience, and Corin Cook, Content Marketing Specialist of […]

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10 Mar 2020 The Coronavirus and Workers’ Comp: What if Employees Become Infected?

By now we’ve all heard of it: the coronavirus. For the past few months, the virus (which causes the disease COVID-19) has been rapidly spreading around the world, including within the United States. In fact, as of now, nearly 600 people in the United States have been confirmed infected since the first U.S. case was […]

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5 Mar 2020 What is Nanny Insurance and Who Needs it?

If you’re a nanny, I’m sure you’ve realized you are your own human resources department. There’s no orientation, no specific policies and procedures to follow, and nobody looking out for you, making sure you sign up for the proper insurance policies and coverages — that’s all up to you. If you employ a nanny, similar […]

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3 Mar 2020 Why is My Home Insured Over/Under Market Value?

Whether you just bought a new home (congratulations!) or are just looking over your existing policy, you may be wondering “Why is my coverage amount more or less than my home value? How much home insurance do I actually need? Shouldn’t my policy coverage just cover the market value of the house?” When acquiring insurance […]

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27 Feb 2020 Do I Need Builders Risk Coverage?

So you’re managing a commercial construction, renovation, or installation project — we know you have a lot on your mind. You have deadlines to adhere to, materials to coordinate, and schedules to manage. The last thing you want is for a fire, natural disaster, theft or other incident that derails all the hard work and […]

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25 Feb 2020 Should I Wait until Renewal to Switch Auto Insurance?

Are you unhappy with your car insurance?  Maybe you’re paying an astronomical price. Maybe you realized you don’t have nearly enough coverage. Maybe you had a life change your policy doesn’t reflect. Maybe you just aren’t satisfied with your current company’s customer service. Whatever the reason, we get it. At Berry Insurance, we have worked with […]

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18 Feb 2020 Do I Need Comprehensive or Collision Auto Coverage?

Selecting comprehensive and collision auto coverage is kind of like choosing ice cream. OK, maybe it isn’t as fun, but hear me out.  When getting soft-serve ice cream, there’s chocolate and there’s vanilla. Do you want chocolate? Maybe vanilla? You could go for both and get a twist. Or you could choose to follow your […]

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13 Feb 2020 If a Tree Falls on my Car/House, Whose Insurance Pays?

Ahhh, trees. They’re beautiful to look at, create shade in your yard, and act as a habitat for the birds. But they also have more practical value — they clean the air, slow water runoff, and buffer noise pollution. They even help save on energy costs and increase property value! They’re an appealing and sensible […]

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7 Feb 2020 Everything You Need to Know about the Distracted Driving MA Hands-Free Law

Hey! Stop whatever you’re doing and read this important message … unless you’re driving — in that case, put your phone down right now! Starting February 23, Massachusetts drivers can be penalized for using electronic devices including cell phones while driving unless the device is in hands-free mode. At Berry Insurance, we insure thousands of […]

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