23 Jan

Is Pothole Damage on my Car Covered by Insurance?

This time of year, it seems like potholes are multiplying. (If anyone else commutes on 495 North, you might know what we’re talking about.) We know what you’re thinking: Where in the world do these potholes come from and why are there so many in Massachusetts? Potholes form when water seeps into the ground under […]

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14 Jan

Should I Exclude My Child from Auto Insurance While They’re Away at School?

Your child is going off to college. I know your mind is probably racing with all sorts of thoughts and decisions about your evolving family and household. What will your new schedule look like? How much less food do you need to buy each week? What exactly should you do with the newly empty bedroom? […]

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17 Dec

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need? (And Why the State Minimum Isn’t Enough)

Welcome to Massachusetts! Home of the Boston Red Sox, birthplace of the chocolate chip cookie and land of confusing car insurance regulations! If you’re reading this, you are likely looking for Massachusetts auto insurance quotes, but you might not be quite sure where to start in getting the right coverage.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you […]

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10 Dec

Why Do My Car Insurance Rates Keep Going Up?

Even the best of drivers, with no accidents and no changes experience car insurance rate increases. This is due in part to the economy, in part to various personal factors, and also due to external factors beyond our control.

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29 Nov

How Long Does an Auto Insurance Claim Take? (Timeline)

An auto insurance claim can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to even years to resolve depending on the severity. Here’s a basic timeline on what you can expect to happen and what will affect the length of time your claim takes to be resolved.

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