20 Aug 2018 What’s Not Included In Your Standard Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Do you actually know what’s included in your Massachusetts homeowners insurance policy? More importantly, do you know what’s not covered? Let us just give you a few examples of situations you’ll probably get stuck paying for on your own, especially if you have a standard policy.

  • Your yard and home floods after a huge summer rain storm. Most of the furniture and all of the carpeting on the first floor of your home is ruined and has to be replaced.
  • Your child is running around and letting off some steam when he crashes right into that $600 antique vase you probably shouldn’t have left in such a high traffic area of your home.
  • You discover mold growing in the basement of your home. It’s spread into a lot of your packed away belongings, as well as much of the plushy furniture in the basement tv room.
  • Your home is broken into while you’re on vacation. They don’t damage anything or vandalize, but they make off with all of your most expensive jewelry pieces.

In this short video, we’ll help you understand not only why these seemingly commonplace situations are not covered, but also what add-ons you’ll need to acquire in order to ensure you can get them covered—as soon as possible!



Don’t leave you or your home unprotected from life’s sticky situations! Give us a call at 508-528-5200 to review your policies today!

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