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We live in New England where it can be 90 degrees in March and snow on Halloween.  We get all four seasons but who knows what can happen in each of those seasons.  While April showers may bring May flowers, it can also bring massive flooding. Water is one of the most dangerous threats to your home and belongings. Yet many of us believe that you only need flood insurance if you are in a flood zone. Massachusetts flood insurance covers physical damage to your home, your personal items and home appliances such as furnaces and water heaters.


Floods happen quickly and are largely unpreventable.  Many times floods are caused by poor drainage systems, rapid rainfall, snow melt or a broken water main. As those showers are coming down and you grow weary of flooding in your home, you should know the policy does not go into effect until 30 days after purchase. In other words, you can’t purchase it when you see large rain storms ahead.

4 Facts about Flood Insurance

People who don’t live in flood zones still need Massachusetts flood insurance. Flood zones simply show a higher risk level, however flooding can happen anywhere.


In the event of a flood, your homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage. You need a separate flood insurance policy to be protected.


The federal government does not cover flood damage. In the event of massive flooding they can offer assistance in the form of a loan. The loan would need to be repaid.


Flood zones can change.  It’s important you stay up to date and understand what your real risks are.


We understand that adding an additional expense to your insurance budget every month may not be what you are interested in. However, in our real lives, real risk can happen. Floods are the number one natural disaster in America. For a small investment you can sleep at night knowing that if the April showers cause more rain dates for the Red Sox than we would like, and flood your home, you have protection.


Here are a few reasons to trust Berry Insurance with your flood insurance:

  • We stop and get to know you and what your exposure is; from looking at the flood zones to explaining to you your options.
  • Since we understand insurance costs are on your mind, we will always provide you options for deductibles so you can get the coverage you need within your budget goals.
  • We can cover you from any disaster with home, auto, life and umbrella options as well.
  • With our insurance app you can take a home inventory so we have all of your valuables documented and protected.
  • The Berry team will make sure you understand why you need this coverage.  It’s not a sales pitch with us; it’s caring about your family.

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