Business Insurance: Where to Cut Costs in a Crisis (and where NOT to)

30 Mar

Business Insurance: Where to Cut Costs in a Crisis (and where NOT to)

It’s been a crazy/scary/sad/confusing/you-name-it past several weeks for businesses across Massachusetts, the country, and the world. Some of you may have limited operations; some of you may be shut down; some of you may still be operational but are having a hard time making sales because nobody is buying anything right now. We’re going through […]

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5 Mar

What is Nanny Insurance and Who Needs it?

If you’re a nanny, I’m sure you’ve realized you are your own human resources department. There’s no orientation, no specific policies and procedures to follow, and nobody looking out for you, making sure you sign up for the proper insurance policies and coverages — that’s all up to you. If you employ a nanny, similar […]

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15 Oct

How Commercial Umbrella Insurance Can Protect Your Business

The unfortunate reality of owning a business is that you expose yourself to the possibility of being sued. Whether it be for a car accident involving an employee and a company car, a customer slipping and falling on company property, or a disgruntled employee seeking reparations, a lawsuit can be tricky, unnerving, and expensive. In […]

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